The History


about ShiGangShi Gang Junior High school of Tainan County was founded in August, 1968. Under the nine-year-obligatory education policy, the construction of this school began in May of the same year. At the very start, the principal of Pei-Men Senior Agricultural and Industrial Vocational School (北門農工), Liu Chih(劉智), was sent to be the director of the foundation. The local gentry like Li Chi-Ren(李集仁) also provided land for the construction of classrooms. The Taiwan Provincial Government sent Chen Zheng-Fan(沈征帆) to be the first principal of Shi Gang. In September, 1968, the buildings were completed. The school then was on the right track with the 383 students and 7 classes. Under the cooperation of the faculty, Shi Gang set a significant example of other schools in Tainan County. At present time, we have staff of about 65, students of 24 classes, consisting of approximately 829 people. Since its foundation, our school has been following our government’s educational goals. For the present principal Li Li-Yu(李麗玉) and the efforts of the staff, our school has been growing up and making a lot of progress. We not only put stress on students’ academic achievements but their wholesome development of character.It’s our ideal that we can make contribution to our next generation and upgrade our society. The newly- constructed spots that everybody appreciates and lingers on add color and beauty to the school.

ShiGang Junior High School

No.41, Wunhua Rd., Sigang Township, Tainan County 723, Taiwan (R.O.C.)