Our Pricipal Lin Yuang-Shan (林永上)


Thoughts of running a school

  • Lin  Yuan-Shan (林永上)To enhance the spirit of “Teaching all comers without discrimination”, to carry out the instruction of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. Students study and grow up with joy from dignified education environment.
  • With all our effort to push “holistic education”, help citizens evenly develop five major aspects – moral, intellectual, physical, group and aesthetic development, which makes them to be full of humanistic concerns; expressing their sense and sensibility.         
  • Guiding students build their own thoughts, fostering problem solving skills, having well-arranged life planning, facing bright life.
  • Building harmonious and enterprising school culture, esteeming teachers’ specialties, encouraging teachers’ further education and study, making progress on campus, to set up a learning school.
  • Going deeply into community to fulfill parent education, and combine the resource of school and community, to enhance the maximum efficiency of education.

ShiGang Junior High School

No.41, Wunhua Rd., Sigang Township, Tainan County 723, Taiwan (R.O.C.) http://www.sgjh.tn.edu.tw